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August 2023 - March 2024

Design lead for Graphic Design in the Design, Event’s Company. Had the opportunity to work on Jewel’s Christmas Project and Shopee’s 11.11 for visualing their concepts as well as Graphical Posters. Worked on many other pitches for upcoming projects and got shortlisted and even selected by a few companies for Christmas, Chinese New Year.

September 2022 - September 2023


 Art Lead securing tasks for my team members in the 
project and doing Quality Checks on the Artists’ works when they are completed. Came up with a system for them to work more 
efficiently and faster as well. Apart from leading the team, I also worked on Gacha Banners, Logo Creations and Shield Hero Collab till the closure of the game. Managed a Game Project by handling scheduling for the Artists’ deadlines every month as well as handled finances for the Outsource Team and communicating between the HQ and Square Enix for approval. Also involved as a UI Artist in a different project where we are doing mockups for an upcoming project.

February 2022 - August 2022

Designed and came out with creative graphics and animations for social media posts such as Enrichment Quotes, and Camp Promotions as well as handled their website design.

November 2020 - February 2022

Taught students from  young to elderly in sketching, acrylic and oil painting, watercolour, pastels and clay works. Main teacher in Carecorner where I planned and conducted Art Classes for 20+ people for Demensia Elderies. My Art work got bought in SingHealth’s event where we donate our artworks to raise funds.

November 2018 - March 2019


Successfully managed and coordinate many graphic design projects from concept to completion under tight deadlines. Led a team of student assistants who assisted me in the tasks

May 2018 - October 2018


Created websites, logos and brochures for companies. Created SIMGE’s Website by revamping their look and feel. Had the opportunity to do a 3D sticker gif for a streaming app.

November 2015 - January 2016


Created animations like walk cycles as well as assets for their game: Earth Girl and videos.


Hello, I am Darren Tan. I graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic as well as 3DMedia Sense School, majoring in Digital Media Design Animation. I have worked in Graphic Design companies as well as an Art Teacher! I last worked as a Creative Graphic Designer in Prestige Edge

I like watching cartoons since young, drawing doodling and I really enjoy learning new things and am very excited to be at work where I always am learning to adapt to each and every student in the studio. I have taken many projects before and am very happy that I am exposed to this exposure in my work. However, I am currently looking into exploring and expanding my knowledge about Graphic Design.

I spend most of my free time dancing to keep my positivity up and energy high as I really enjoy it! I also enjoy playing games and sketching when I have the time!

I am very accustomed to handling and managing many graphics projects at once with design applications. I also bring forth a bright and positive attitude, willingness, and motivation to serve! 

Download my resume below!

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